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“The notion of bringing together indigenous peoples from around the world into a film network is groundbreaking and brilliant.”

Annie Nocenti, Producer, New York, USA

Indigenous Film Conference

With the support of our funders, the International Sámi Film Institute (ISFI) has initiated a new global network of prominent indigenous filmmakers and supporting organizations to help foster and promote the growth in Indigenous storytelling through film. One of the main objectives of this new network, was to organize the first Indigenous Film Conference in Guovdageidnu, Norway in October 2011. The main topics of The Indigenous Film Conference were “Indigenous Cinema – Addressing our past and facing our future.”
  • What is the status of Indigenous film production worldwide?
  • How does the Nordic film system follow up on measures around the production of Indigenous film?
  • Australia and Canada as pioneers in Indigenous film production.
The Nordic film industry and film representatives from Indigenous peoples around the world were present at the Indigenous Film Conference.
The aim was to present success stories from Indigenous filmmakers from a global perspective. With the right initiative, Indigenous film has shown to have a powerful international potential. A number of representatives of Indigenous filmmakers and institutions provided a global perspective on the efforts of Indigenous film.

Participants at the conference were invited to design a proposal for a new joint initiative by the Sámi in Scandinavia and also to initiate a lasting Indigenous film network globally. Film is one of today's most important cultural expressions that reflect our time. Therefore, we believe that it is important that film should reflect a multicultural society and we wish that the Nordic film industry also in a better way, could reflect the Sami culture and language.

Our vision is that the Sámi people have the ability and expertise to produce and show films in Sámi language and in that sense we cultivate, freedom of expression in film. In order to achieve such a goal it will be an important condition that Nordic film industry also supports and has an ownership of this vision and facilitate action systems for such a development.

We the Indigenous screen storytellers
United in this Northern corner of our mother the earth
In a great assembly of wisdom we declare to all nations

We glory in our past
  • when our earth was nurturing our oral traditions
  • when night sky evoked the visions of our dreams
  • when sun and the moon were our parents in stories told
  • when storytelling made us all brothers and sisters
  • when our stories brought forth great chiefs and leaders
  • when justice was upheld in the stories told
We will
  • Hold and manage Indigenous cultural and intellectual property
  • Ensure our continued recognition as primary guardians and interpreters of our culture
  • Respect Indigenous individuals and communities
  • Faithfully preserve our traditional knowledge with sound and image
  • Use our skills to communicate with nature and all living things
  • Heal our wounds through screen storytelling
  • Preserve and pass on our stories to those not yet born
We will manage our own destiny and maintain our humanity and pride as Indigenous peoples through Screen Storytelling

Guovdageaidnu, Sápmi 2011