Past Activities 2010
Feature film workshop led by Nils Gaup and Åsa Simma. Film dramaturgy classes and development of feature film synopsis. This program was launched with a seminar during which two participants were chosen to continue the development of their projects, Siljá Somby and Ann Holmgren.
Film workshop for youngsters in Riddu Riđđu, led by Stein Björn. Practical training in script writing, shooting and editing, the outcome was a short film called Escape.
Animation workshop in connection with the Sámi Film Festival, ISF organized an animation workshop for 29 children in Kautokeino. The workshop was tutored by animation students from Volda, Norway.
Animation Workshop

This workshop was organized in Staare/Östersund, the South Sámi area in Sweden. It had 19 participating youth. The tutors were: Patricia Fjellgren, Sanne Marja Utsi, Sara Åström, and Johan Martin Stenfjell. Stefan Ek particiapted on behalf of Filmpool Jämtland, and Sagka Stångberg participated on behalf of Saemest Dle.
Writing for children and youth, led by Åsa Simma. ISF has identified a great need to develop offers for children and youth, in that spirit a script writing program was created to promote a children’s TV series. The participants Inghilda Tapio, Siljá Somby and Jens Martin Mienna, wrote a 10 episode series called Boaimmašbárdni – The Feathered Messenger.
Indigenous documentaries, led by Mitch Torres and Darlene Johnson. This was a program offered to Sámi film workers who are working with documentaries in order for them to develop their ideas to a cinematic stage with an indigenous regard, aided by two acknowledged Australian indigenous filmmakers.
Traditional knowledge, ancient and traditional wisdom converted to film. ISF has identified a great need to develop traditional knowledge into live pictures. This is an ongoing program.