ISFI Feature Film/TV Series Script Development Lab

ISFI arranged a feature film/TV series script development lab in Buletjavri from March 1st – 3rd. Eight projects are in different stages in development and they were guided by dramaturgists Olle Wirenhed from Götafilm and Niclas Ekström during these days.

ISFI feature film/TV series sciprt development lab is important to ensure high quality sami projects and ISFI is working hard to get Nordic financing for bigger sami film productions in the near future. We have the talent and we have unique stories that have never been told on screen before. Hopefully we can see these great scripts as films in the future. 

From left: Egil Pedersen, Olle Wirenhed, Per Ivar Jensen, Silja Somby, Per Josef Idivuoma, Ken Are Bongo, Niclas Ekstöm, Anne Lajla Utsi Photo: Johan Mathis Gaup

Sámi Films for All!

In connection with the Sámi national day on February 6th, the International Sámi Film Institute launches a Blu-ray entitled “Sámi Short Films” with 17 short films, 4 hours of screening time. – It is important to disseminate new Sámi films as well as the filmmakers. This is the first time a Blu-ray is published, applauds Anne Lajla Utsi at the Sámi Film Institute.

The celebration of the Sámi national day launches a Blu-ray where among others “7 Sámi Stories” is included. In addition there are 10 other short films added in the Blu-ray compilation “Sámi Short Films”.

The Blu-ray is released in multiple places in Sápmi. Among others it’s going to be a part of the celebration in Kautokeino/Guovdageaidnu, Unjárga/Nesseby, Honningsvåg, Anár/Inari in Finland and Røyrvik. In Oslo there is a screening on February 7th in cooperation with the Norwegian Film Institute. In Sweden the films are available on February 6th, and there will be a launch event in Umeå on March 10th in connection with the Sámi cultural week event.

The Norwegian Film Institute in cooperation with the Sámi Film Institute has initiated the publishing of the Blu-ray. The Sámi parliament in Norway has funded part of the production. Thus “7 Sámi Stories” is subtitled in three Sámi languages – Northern Sámi, Lule Sámi and Southern Sámi. In addition some of the films are subtitled in Norwegian and all films have English subtitles.

The Blu-ray also contains some bonus material as well as slide shows from “7 Sámi Stories”. It’s available all over Sápmi and costs 250 NOK/SEK or 25 €. More information on vending places as well as information about the films can be found here:

Merry Christmas from ISFI!

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