Sámi Blood

Amanda Kernells feature film Sámi Blood premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September 2016. Director Amanda Kernell won two awards at the festival, The Feodora Film Critics award for best director and Europe Cinema Label award, that helps the films distribution all over Europe.

Sámi Blood has also been screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and in Sao Paolo in Brazil and in November the film will have its Asian premiere at the Tokyo Film festival in the competition program. The film will have Nordic premiere early 2017.

The International Sami Film Institute will initiate a Sámi film tour for Sámi Blood in 2017, so the audiences all over Sapmi can see the film.

We congratulate Amanda Kernell for entering the international film stage with this outstanding film and for bringing home excellent reviews and awards. With this film Amanda Kernell brings forward a dark chapter in Sámi history in such a sensitive way, so thank you Amanda!

ISFI Initiates Short Film Workshop in Inari on 17th–19th of June 2016

International Sámi Film Institute ISFI initiates short film workshop for the Sámi youth in collaboration with Sámi Education Institute SOGSAKK in Inari, Finland.

The workshop will be held at Sámi Culture Center Sajos on 17th–19th of June 2016. ISFI is looking for six 16–24 years old workshop participants who are interested in producing, screenwriting and directing short fiction films in Sámi language. ISFI will cover travel costs, accomodation and meals for all the participants. Read more >

ISFI Feature Film/TV Series Script Development Lab

ISFI arranged a feature film/TV series script development lab in Buletjavri from March 1st – 3rd. Eight projects are in different stages in development and they were guided by dramaturgists Olle Wirenhed from Götafilm and Niclas Ekström during these days.

ISFI feature film/TV series sciprt development lab is important to ensure high quality sami projects and ISFI is working hard to get Nordic financing for bigger sami film productions in the near future. We have the talent and we have unique stories that have never been told on screen before. Hopefully we can see these great scripts as films in the future. 

From left: Egil Pedersen, Olle Wirenhed, Per Ivar Jensen, Silja Somby, Per Josef Idivuoma, Ken Are Bongo, Niclas Ekstöm, Anne Lajla Utsi Photo: Johan Mathis Gaup

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