ISFI spring grants 2017

The International Sami Film Institute (ISFI) received 11 production grant applications in March 2017 and all together 2.5 MNOK has applied for. This time ISFI has prioritized film projects for children and youth because the lack of films in sami language for this group is so comprehensive. Next grant allocation will be in September 2017.

The International Sami Film Institute has awarded the following grants: 

First feature film for children and youth
200 000 kr
First feature film for children and youth, production development grant. 
Scriptwriter: Jens Martin Mienna. 
Producer: Khalid Maimouni, Storyline Media.

70 000 kr
GUMPE is a short film about a dramatical meeting in a lavvu on the desolate tundra.
Davas Film Ken Are Bongo

feature film dubbing to sami language
150 000 kr
The new Moomin film will be dubbed to sami language and screened in cinemas. 
Producer: Filmkompaniet Alpha AB Oy, Tom Carpelan. Dubbing director: Sara Margrethe Oskal.

Son of the Sun
30 000 kr 
Sami subtitles of the documentary film Sun of the Sun. Giraff Film AB, producer Anna Bjørk .

animation series for children
200 000 kr
Animation series for children based on traditional sami fairytales.  
Producer: John Erling Utsi, Sámi Kompania AB.

SÁNIT Babyfilms 
300 000 kr
7 x 7 little word films in north sami language for the smallest children.
Producer and director: Ann Film/Ann Holmgren.

In total ISFI  awarded 950 000 kr grants to sami films. 
In addition the following film projects have received development grants in 2017.

UTSI, feature film script Susanne Hætta 
FAAMOE, drama series , Bauta Film AB   
NUORTALAČČAT, documentary, Siivet AS
BIELLU NJUOVČČA, feature film script Marja Bål Nango/Ingor bål Nango
GIITU ÁNUT, short film  Olve Aslaksen
EN MANN I ET FUKTIG TELT I HAGEN, Egil Pedersen, feature film script 
Development grants 2017
In total 2017 grants

Merry Christmas from ISFI!

International Sami Film Institute is grateful for the collaboration we have had in 2016 and we look forward to new opportunities in 2017. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Anniversary Screening of Sámi Blood

International Sámi Film Institute in collaboration with Tråante 2017 and Storytelling Media has the pleasure to invite to the anniversary screening of Amanda Kernells film Sámi Blood. It is an honour for us to screen this film, that has been acclaimed worldwide at film festivals and has also won several awards. It is particularly gratifying to bring this film home to the South-Sámi area.

Clicke here to buy tickets to screening. The film will be screened once in Tråante 2017, at Nova Kino, February 5th 2017, 6 pm.

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