Production Grants Spring 2018

The International Sámi Film Institute has allocated production grants for 3 new Sámi films.

500 000 NOK 
Báttit is a documentary about a small village and how it is to grow up in a small village and how to take back your dreams. The main character is Lars-Vulle Juuso who in the 1970s started the rock band Trerix-Öset in the village of Nearva in Northern Sweden. He was offered to play with Eric Clapton, but Lars- Vulle turned down the offer. Now 30 years after Trerix-Öset he is going to play on stage again.

Production company: Davas Film AS 
Producer: Lisa Marie Kristensen 
Director: Per-Josef Idivuoma, Emil Juuso

300 000 NOK 
A series of 7 short language films for babies and small children, with the aim to strengthen the Sámi language in a funny and beautiful way.

Production company: Ann film 
Producer: Ann Aurebekk 
Director: Ann Holmgren

The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open
200 000 NOK 
The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open is inspired by a true event that follows the story of two young Indigenous women’s chance encounter, which over the course of a couple hours, illuminates the harsh reality of domestic abuse but also reveals feelings on motherhood, the power of choice and how survivor’s guilt never goes away.

Production company: Violator Films/Experimental Films/Film Farms  
Producer: Lori Lozinski, Tyler Hagan, Allan Milligen 
Director: Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers & Kathleen Hepburn

Development grants

The Safe Road 
30 000 NOK 
Short film, Anne Magga Wigelius

30 000 NOK 
Short film, Niillas Holmberg

30 000 NOK
TV series, Jens Martin Mienna

30 000 NOK
TV series, Per Ivar Jensen

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