Arctic Film Circle
The Arctic Film Circle is initially a cooperation initiative between International Sámi Film Institute based in the Sámi territory in Norway and Nunavut Film Development Corporation based in Nunavut.

The project involves 5 indigenous arctic areas and has 9 participants from these regions: Sápmi, Greenland, Nunavut and Northwest Territories in Canada and Alaska, USA.

The Arctic Film Circle is a unique and special opportunity to unite through Indigenous Peoples common experiences through a common film initiative.

The ultimate goal of the Arctic Film Circle is to create an arctic indigenous network for film workers in order to create synergies for future projects across borders and boundaries. Ultimately the project will benefit all partners and filmmakers involved, including the extended network of these alliances.

This new network initiative is best achieved by creating a common project, a common indigenous story. The idea behind the Arctic Film Circle is to create a common script with the elected filmmakers involved.

The short fiction story will be a story that could have happened in any arctic indigenous community. The common story is universal and simultaneously it highlights the common experiences that Indigenous People have undertaken.

Common experiences has always been one of the mantras in the Indigenous Peoples networking, and one of the reasons indigenous peoples have managed to achieve the level of success at an international level, as they have united because of these common experiences.

Our initiative will be unique in its approach as it seeks to visualize and artistically reflect this common vision that indigenous Peoples share worldwide.

The filmmakers have undergone an application and selection process in order to to be a part of the Arctic Film Circle. This selection process has created a dynamic and interesting mix of arctic indigenous filmmakers, representing a vast area of the circumpolar north.

After the first step of the Arctic Film Circle and the workshop in Toronto, Canada at the ImagineNative film festival – one of the world’s biggest indigenous film festivals – the work towards a final script is secured. The final deadline for an approved script is January 15th 2016.
The following step is to produce five films based on the very script developed by the participants of the Arctic Film Circle and simultaneously raise the competence level and create important network initiatives.

The participants themselves are the ones who are going to make the films and increase their competence as well as extend their network, in addition to all the partners involved in the project.

With this background we intend to create a new collaboration film lab project, similar to the success of the short fiction compilation of “Seven Sámi Stories”.

“7SS” was initiated by ISFI and its aim was to unite Sami filmmakers and to increase their level of competence in a common low-key project. The final goal was a compilation of films gathered in one common program named “7SS”

“Seven Sámi Stories” have so far been screened in more than 14 countries worldwide, and has been extremely valuable in its competence enhancing skills at many levels.

Arctic Film Circle is thus based on a similar model, only at an arctic indigenous level, and has a networking module added to the project.

In addition the AFC seeks to create five shorts with an identical story and to visualize this story in various indigenous communities, thus ending up with five different films, but with the same story with each region interpreting the story in their own language and within their own cultural norms and story framework.

Thus the Arctic Film Circle intends to produce five films and ultimately launch a common film program that assembles these films.

The idea to create 5 different films based on the same story is also a unique experiment in the cinema community. The fact that a project at this level also can be innovative at a cinematic level is extremely exciting and adds a huge potential to the project. It will be very exciting to see what cinematic competence can be achieved with such a unique approach at a cinematic level.

The final goal is to screen the film compilation at the Berlinale 2017 that has a focus on Indigenous films from the arctic regions.
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