Short Film Workshop
ISFI Initiates Short Film Workshop in Inari on 17th–19th of June 2016
International Sámi Film Institute ISFI initiates short film workshop for the Sámi youth in collaboration with Sámi Education Institute SOGSAKK in Inari, Finland.

The workshop will be held at Sámi Culture Center Sajos on 17th–19th of June 2016. ISFI is looking for six 16–24 years old workshop participants who are interested in producing, screenwriting and directing short fiction films in Sámi language. ISFI will cover travel costs, accomodation and meals for all the participants.

The project targets to gather the Sámi youth together and give them a platform to share stories from their own perspective through film.

At the first workshop meeting the participants will get to share and work on their film ideas together. Along autumn the participants will develop their ideas at the workshop and eventually make them into a film.

In result, workshop participants will make three films and learn the complete process of film-making from pre-production til post-production in the guidance of established Sámi film industry workers. The workshop is held in Sámi language.

Workshop Structure

Summer 2016
First meeting in Inari, idea sharing and story development. At the workshop ISFI Managing Director Anne Lajla Utsi, Skábmagovat Producer Sunna Nousuniemi and a professional Sámi film maker will tell about film making and pre-production and give advice how to make a successful film script and synopsis.
Autumn 2016
Script development – directing.

Winter–Spring 2017
Film production, spotting filming locations, casting, cinematography and sound design. Filming. Postproduction: editing and mix.

Applications can be sent to until Sunday 22nd of May 2016.

Please provide the following information on your application:

• Name
• Age
• Country
• Mobile number
• E-mail address
• Why do you want to be part of the project
• Tell briefly about yourself
• Send your film idea (max. 1 page)

International Sámi Film Institute ISFI is a resource center that channels funding to Sámi film and audiovisual sector in order to support film production in each country where Sámi people live. ISFI has produced 7 Sámi Stories short film collective that has been screened around the world in such festivals as imagineNATIVE, Maoriland Film Festival and Seattle International Film Festival. This year on the Sámi national day in celebration of the Sámi culture and storytelling heritage, ISFI also published a Sámi Short Films BluRay that has 17 short films directed by Sámi film makers.

For further information:
Anne Lajla Utsi
Managing Director
+47 907 55 574
Sunna Nousuniemi
Workshop Coordinator
+358 40 966 6318