Documentary Films

Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest

Kaisa’s Enchanted forest is a magical story about the lifelong friendship, the age-old legend of the Northern Lights and the culture that was almost destroyed in the Second World War. The film also tells by the means of animation how in incredible way the old Skolt Sámi legend of the birth of the Northern Lights is still relevant in today’s world and how it touches the subject of one of the greatest tragedies humanity has ever had, war. The director of the film, Katja Gauriloff, is Kaisa Gauriloff’s great-granddaughter.

Director: Katja Gauriloff
Producer: Satu Majava, Oktober Film
Genre: Documentary
Production Year: 2016
Duration: 86 min
Production Company: Oktober Film Oy

Jussi award for best documentary
Golden Dove, DOK Leipzig
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Producer: Satu Majava, Oktober Film


Mixing archival footage, re-enactments and animation, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers’ extraordinarily beautiful and poignant documentary Bihttoš explores how past injustices impacted the marriage of her mother, who is of Blackfoot descent, and her Sámi father.

Script and Director: Elle Máija Tailfeathers
Producers: Elle Máija Tailfeathers and Laura Good
Genre: Documentary
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Producer: Elle Máija Tailfeathers

Colors and Life

The struggle between art and rapture, is a like tale, a dream of becoming an artist, while alcohol demons lure in the background. The film is about Amund Anti Karasjok who has been heavy alcoholic almost his entire life. There were many like him, most are gone now. His life has been dark and hard. The light for Amund has always been art. In the film, he struggles between darkness and light, a fight that never really seems to end.

Script and Director: Harry Johansen
Producer: Harry Johansen, Govas
Length: 40 minutes
Genre: Documentary
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Producer: Harry Johansen, Govas,

Great Grandmothers – Three Unknown Heroines

Among the world’s indigenous people is still common that the elder are important people in all aspects of life. They are maintaining and passing on the cultural heritage to the young.

Many of these tasks are the responsibility of the grandmothers. It is she who is the hub in the community, extended family or clan. She is there from the birth of the newborn to dream about the future of his people. She is the medic, healer, teacher, economist, spiritual leader/advisor, etc.

They are the ones who are retelling the myths and legends, but also the history of their people. Often she is also the one that looks forward in time, she describes the vision which she dreamed. Besides this, she is the organizer of life at home. Solving all the practical problems. From providing food for the trade to obtain what is needed in everyday life.

In the film
Great Grandmothers we meet three of those elderly grandmothers who still have an important role in the family. By following them in everyday life and special occasions we get an inside perspective of indigenous peoples’ everyday lives. By the women and their stories out of today's indigenous people.
Although many indigenous people in the world today are among the poorest and most marginalized, these women are no victims. On the contrary, in the film, we meet three proud, strong women who happily and enthusiastically share their knowledge and collective wisdom of life to the young. These elder women are the unknown heroines, sometimes even among their own.

Participating in the film are:
Olive Knight, Wangkatjungka, Australia
María López Rosario, Zatopec, Juchitán, Mexico
Eli Kappfjell, Majavatten, Sápmi

Producer: John E Utsi, Sámi Kompania AB
Photographer/Editor: Dan Jåma
Music: Nina Nordvall Vahlberg
Length: 58 minutes
Genre: Documentary

The film has Swedish, English, Spanish and Norwegian subtitling.
Great Grandmothers is a co-production between Swedish Broadcasting Company, Filmpool Nord and Sámi Kompania AB.
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Sami Kompania, John Erling Utsi,

The Secret Helpers

In the north there are Helpers, people with special abilities. In our Sámi heritage they have existed for centuries. They healed, relieved pain, stooped bleeding, and helped people in many ways – with love, in secret, without pay. The good helpers are still here, in our modern world, hidden but not gone. What are their knowledge, is it a gift or can everyone learn to heal? The story unfolds through three helpers and their various connections to healing forces. We take the audience into our culture's innermost secrets and trying to learn how to stop blood – on film.
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Producer: Harry Johansen, Govas,