Short Films


Carl Gaup and his friend Elle-Áila find themselves lost in their hometown that has been transformed by an evil power. Now they have to find a solution to the problem, but who is their friend and who is their enemy?

Boaimmášbárdni is a TV series for children written by a writers team initiated by ISFI. The pilot is made by one of the episodes of the 12 episode script, and was produced by the producers class initiated by ISFI in cooperation with the Sámi University College. One of the main mentors was Nils Gaup.

Cast: Alexander U. Hætta, Tina E. Mikalsen, Ole Gabriel Buljo, Patricia Fjällgren, Nils Peder Gaup and Hans Olof Utsi
Prod. year: 2013
Length: 14 minutes
Genre: Pilot for a childrens TV-series

Vilda duottar

Two men enter a dispute in the middle of the tundra with threats of retaliation. Later at the local bar, the two fighters meet again, and with the honour of the beautiful daughter at stake, a serious fight seems uanvoidable?

Vilda duottar is the filmic result of one of the first competence courses initiated by ISFI, aiming to reach emerging film workers as well as directors. The course was mentored by Nils Gaup.

Cast: Egil Keskitalo, Iŋgor Ántte Áilu Gaup, Inga Marja Sarre, Mary Sarre
Prod. year: 2009
Length: 6 minutes
Genre: Comedy inspired by the western genre

Aurora Keeps an Eye On You

This brutal and beautiful children’s drama, mixed with arctic magic, succeeds to take us into the world of the tangled up and hurt mind of a big sister. Moreover, to show what consequences parental ignorance in a hectic everyday life can have for little brothers.

About the writer/director:
A former reindeer herder who became a storyteller within films, litterature and theatre. She holds a doctoral degree in performing arts at Oslo National Academy of Arts.

Script and Director: Sara Margrete Oskal
Producer: Mona Hoel, Freedom from Fear
Genre: Drama
Photos: Mona Hoel
For questions about viewing and copies of the films contact:
Producer: Mona Hoel, Freedom from Fear

Stoerre Vaerie – The Big Mountain

Elle is 80 years old. She does not like the Sámi people, in fact, she hates them. Once she was a Sámi herself. Her son persuades her to return to Sámi land, to attend her sisters funeral. Elle has cut all her connections to her family when she chose to become a non-Sámi woman. Now she will have to decide if she should continue to live with all her lies, or give up and reconcile with her past.

Script and Director: Amanda Kernell
Producer: Oskar Östergren, Bauta Film
Genre: Drama
Photos: Petrus Sjövik, Sam Hedman
For questions about viewing and copies of the films contact:
Producer: Oskar Östergren, Bauta Film


A thousand years ago Sameland was a target for repeated plundering. Being a peace-loving people, the Sámi fled when they realised that they were on the losing side. Then comes a day when one of the Sámi begin to fight back. In order to protect his family and his home village the young Áigin has to defeat a group of bandits.

The Sámi boy Áigin finds himself in a situation where he is faced with a merciless group of bandits, but still his toughest opponent might be his 8-year-old little sister. 

Script and Director: Jouni West
Producer: Jukka Vidgren
Length: 10 minutes
Genre: Animation
For questions about viewing and copies of the films contact:
Producer: Jukka Vidgren, Mutant Koala Productions


The film is about Nils, who is a resident in a nursing home and has for years been declared as hopelessly demented by the staff. He does not respond to any form of communication and seems to be lost in his own world. By coincidence the new nurse Karen discovers Nils responds to the Sámi language, and she soon realizes that Nils has something urgently important to pass on. Eventually Karen is faced with a choice – is she to follow her heart or her mind?

Script and Director: Silja Somby
Producer: Odd Levi Paulsen
Director of Photography: Dan Jåma
Length: 19 minutes
Genre: Drama
For questions about viewing and copies of the films contact:
Producer: Odd Levi Paulsen

Leaving the Herd

A man breaks out of his group of friends to follow his own calling. His old friends will not accept this and bring him back home for punishment and subduing. The story takes place in a twisted Sámi universe in Northern Norway.

Script and Director: Egil Pedersen
Length: 5 minutes
Prod. year: 2013
For questions about viewing and copies of the films contact:
Producer: Egil Pedersen

Sámi Moments

A meeting between two reindeer herders on a small hill in the middle of the tundra. It’s a film about the need for company without necessarily saying much, friction between two units, and embarrassing silence.

Script and Director: Ken Are Bongo
For questions about viewing and copies of the films contact:
Production Company: Kautokeino Film
Andreas Ausland
Ken-Are Bongo


Juoigangiehta, the yoiking hand, is a dance film featuring the unrehearsed and natural movements of three traditional Sámi yoikers (singers).

Script and Director: Elle Sofe Henriksen


Eahpáraš is a dangerous spirit of a dead newborn child and it haunts people. It urges for a name. The only way to baptise an Eahpáraš is to reverse the ordinary ceremony and give the disturbing spirit the name of an object. If the Eahpáraš manages to slip between your legs, you will risk to be trapped in a paranormal world. After the ritual, the spirit will shape shift to a ptarmigan and never haunt people anymore.

Script and Director: Anne Merete A. Gaup